“Can I Buy You a Drink?” Top 5 Most Effective Pickup Lines

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So you’ve spotted a stunner across the bar/lounge/patio/classroom/courtroom, huh? You have your hair gelled back the way you like it, your best socks on your feet and all the confidence in the world that she’ll positively swoon for you … if only you could think of a great pickup line to break the ice! Never underestimate the power of a great opening line, and never forget just how utterly and completely you can ruin your chances for romance with a terrible line (think: “Hi there, ugly!). Here are a few tried and true pickup lines that will almost surely get your foot in the proverbial door.


“Can I Buy You a Drink?” Top 5 Most Effective Pickup Lines

1“Hi, my name is _______.”

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Believe it or not, the most effective way to strike up a meaningful conversation with a person to whom you’re attracted is to use these strange things called “manners” and to be “friendly.” Just say hi. Just introduce yourself. The fact is you’re not really ever going to trick someone into being attracted to you – they either are, or they are not. So just keep it simple and go for it. And if that fails a few times, then go ahead, get clever.Next >

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