5 Reasons Online Dating is Your Hot Ticket to the Altar

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If your mind’s made up on matrimony, you might want to look into the possibilities of online dating. Just looking at the numbers, online dating is a highly effective method of getting to know someone new and is responsible for 1 in every 6 recent marriages. Your true love could be just a click away, no matter who you’d like walking beside you down the aisle. So let’s take a look at some of the most recent data suggesting that online dating could lead to real world romance that really lasts.

5 Targeting Cupid’s Cyber Arrows

Since the number of online dating options has increased by nearly 300% in less than ten years, there’s also a rising phenomenon of niche online dating. Many people prefer to hone their focus on people who share their religious or cultural experience. Of these, ChristianMingle and BlackPeopleMeet may have the two most visible media presences. Age specific sites have been on the rise too, especially since seniors 50+ are the fastest growing demographic among online dating communities, using dating sites like OurTime to form loving connections. It’s seems whatever people you’d like to meet, online dating has already built a site for you!

4 Ditch the Zeroes to Find Your Hero

While there’s nothing like face to face interaction, it’s hard to argue with the numbers, especially if online dating only stands to increase your odds of finding someone special. In fact, one of the most widely acknowledge advantages of online dating is the ability to see people outside your core social circle in rapid succession—a more impartial speed dating, which allows you to breeze through profiles as quickly as you’d like.

3 More Mates to Meet For Relatively Cheap

In 2009, Forbes reported that even in a recession, the online dating industry was showing unparalleled growth. Of course, this includes recognizable names like Match, but has also benefited Match’s sister site Chemistry as well as more recent entries to the online dating game like Zoosk. What caused this boon? When compared with the expense of spending a night on the town, the twenty or so dollars per month for online dating seems a slight expenditure, Forbes speculated.

2 Cracking the Cordial Code?

New and exciting research may have actually unlocked the romantic genome, in essence. Recently, a representative of eHarmony spoke before a convention of leading personality and social psychologists, claiming to have found a link between certain crucial factors that could predict success in a relationship. Among these: agreeableness, intimacy, sex/romance drive, extroversion, spirituality and optimism. The evidence showed that similar scores relate to similar attraction and long-term compatibility, and the academics were intrigued that eHarmony’s proprietary matching system could unlock romance.

1 Looking For Love in All the Right Browsers

People have become increasingly comfortable translating online flirtation into real life chemistry. Beyond marriage, it is estimated that over 20% of committed relationships start through an online dating site, which represents a growth of about 50% from just ten years ago. Only trailing introductions from mutual friends, online dating sites have become the second most common way that people find romance today. Of the 112 million single people in the U.S., it is estimated that 40 million of them have tried online dating to find a romantic connection, which works out to almost 36% of all singles. Or, to put it another way, over a third of the available dating pool.

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Online Dating Statistics

  •  17% of couples married in the last 3 years, or 1 in 6, met each other on an online dating site
  •  1 out of 5 single people have dated someone they met on a dating website
  •  In the last year, more than twice as many marriages occurred between people who met on an online dating site than met in bars, at clubs and any other social events combinded
  •  Approximately twice as many recently married couples met on Match.com than the site that ranked second
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