5 Things You Should Never Do When Picking a Girl Up for Your First Date

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Everyone gets the first date jitters. These jitters often result in temporary memory loss or absurd behavioral consequences such as, but not limited to… loss of social skills, excessive rudeness, a sudden urgency to speak or pee, disruption of speech patterns, sweating/body odor, and acting without thinking. Here are a few things to minimize her exposure to the above.


5 Things You Should Never Do When Picking a Girl Up for Your First Date

1Don’t Invite Yourself In

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You must have forgotten your manners because most people wouldn’t barge into a perfect stranger’s home with out being asked in, just like you wouldn’t start sifting through a homeless person’s grocery cart. Think of yourself as a vampire. If you waltz into her home without an invitation you are violating her personal space and in true first date fashion, you don’t know each other at all. You have not earned the right so don’t act like you own the place. Always pretend her father is on the other side of the door with a loaded shotgun. That way you’ll never forget your manners again.

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The moment you pick her up is not only a first impression of you, but a first impression of how the evening is going to pan out and also a first impression of what seeing you on a regular basis might be like. Obviously, you will want to save your dirty habits and weird fetishes for the fifth date when you get the green light to reveal such ugly things. But for this first date, follow the guidelines above and you just might get a second date.

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