top 5 reasons honesty is the best policy in online dating

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Many people carry the constant pressure of being judged by potential matches and dates into the virtual world of online dating. People often feel the need to *cough, cough* embellish the truth about who they are, what they do or even simple things like their favorite foods or movies. While there’s no FDA policing online dating, there are solid reasons and benefits to being honest in the online dating world. We’ve come up with our top 5 tips to turn your profile from prince to frog, and in return you’ll meet someone who loves you warts and all.

5 The Big Payback

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If you continue lying — despite the dictates of common courtesy and sound reasoning — the truth will eventually catch up and win. Often, dating websites have a built-in feature to report abuse from members who don’t live up to their own hype. People misrepresenting themselves are often breaking the terms of use for dating sites. As a result, you could be subject to expulsion from the site. Lawyerese aside—members could find themselves on thin ice very quickly with dating sites if they misuse the services, thus ruining any chance they’d have for a romantic connection online.

4 The Truth Can Set You Free

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Other than sociopaths and spies, very few people actually ever practice lying. As a result, they end up being the only two types of people who are really any good at it. For the rest of us, lying is just a fabricated web of delusion that we’ll have to memorize and painstakingly track. Lies can become larger and more interconnected. Eventually, this web will ensnare us when two lies contradict or when we can’t remember the “facts” at a given moment. There’s already plenty of stress in the early days of a relationship—why add any more problems to that stew?

3 It’s Not Easy Being Green (With Envy)

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What’s the best way to cause lasting friction between lovers? Be dishonest. Yes, even small lies (e.g. lying about height, weight, age, etc.) will throw up a flag to any reasonable would-be lover. You‘re bound to leave him or her wondering what other secrets you’re hiding, especially while forming a new connection.

2 The Point Is Not to Disappoint

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What happened to the 6’7” swarthy firefighter she fell for online? Instead, she showed up to find little old you. Think she’ll easily bounce back from that little lie? Doubt it. When you’re honest about who you are, what you do and how you feel, you won’t run the risk of disappointing someone who’s already taking a risk by meeting you in the first place.

1 To Thine Own Self Be True

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Here’s the honest truth about dating: You’re not trying to attract the most outgoing mate nor even the most attractive. You’re really not looking for the tallest, blondest, smartest or richest. You’re trying to attract the perfect complement to you. If you’re not into climbing Mount Everest, there’s no need to say you are. Sure, you may falsely attract the guys and girls who are, but you could just as easily exclude the ones who would rather swallow a bee than go hiking.

Zack Hillman sold his soul for rock ’n’ roll, but at least he found a favorable market. Between hoop dreams and guitar orgasms, he managed to graduate from CSU Long Beach with a degree in Creative Writing. And he speaks of the pompitus of love.

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  1. Dont agree. When it comes to internet dating, you cant tell the truth about certain things upfront, such as if you are living with your ex for the kids or living in your parents basement to save some money. If a relationship advances you likely want to disclose things, but not at first. Otherwise, you wont get your foot in the door.

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